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Whether you are new to chiropractic or you have been to a chiropractor before, choosing a chiropractor can be stressful. There are many chiropractors out there to choose from, and each one may do things differently than the others. How can you possibly know which one will be the right choice for you and your family? That's why we have created this page to let you know what your first visit at our office will be like before you even set foot in the door.

Your First Visit:

Upon arriving at our office, you will be asked to fill out intake paperwork and we will ask you for your insurance card. Alternatively, you can visit our Intake Forms page to either download, print, and fill out the paperwork before you get here, or you can fill them out online and submit them directly into our practice management software.

While you are filling out paperwork, we will attempt to verify your insurance to see what benefits you are allowed under your plan. No insurance? No problem! We have affordable cash rates that will allow you to get the care you need without breaking the bank.

After you finish your paperwork, Dr. Beistline will meet with you to discuss your reasons for consulting our office and conduct a comprehensive examination to explore the possible causes of your reported complaints. The exam will take approximately 15 to 30 minutes, depending on the extent of your problems, and will include:

  • Vital signs: height, weight, and blood pressure
  • Spinal examination: checking spine for problems
  • Physical examination: range of motion, palpation, and function
  • Neurologic examination: reflexes, sensation, and motor skills
  • Orthopedic examination: testing to see what is causing pain

At the close of the examination, the doctor will tell you what he thinks, based on the examination findings, is causing your problem. If your condition needs to be explored further, he will send you out for testing (such as an xray) in order to make a more informed diagnosis. However, unless you have been in an accident, have a history of osteoporosis or spinal fractures, or have had a recent fall, most people do not need an xray.

Subsequent Visits

Each visit that follows the initial exam will consist of a brief review of your symptoms and your progress since the previous visit. The doctor will also check your spine and give you adjustments where they are needed. If therapeutic treatments are recommended, then these will be performed as well. Your second visit and those that follow should not take any more than 15 minutes, but the treatment time may vary depending on what you need.

Your Individualized Care Plan

Healing is a process, not an event. This means that the healing process takes time. Each visit will build on the next, so Dr. Beistline will recommend a care plan based on your individual need as assessed from your examination. It is very important to follow this plan for best results.

We want you to know, however, that we are here to help you, regardless of your health goals. If you are unwilling or unable to stick to your plan for any reason, we understand. You can discontinue your care at any time you feel you have reached your health goals. When the pain returns, we will welcome you back, no questions asked, to resume your care.

A helpful illustration for this process can be found here:

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